Le Ciel de Paris

At the top of the Tour Montparnasse there’s an observatory. Right under this observatory there’s the most beautiful restaurant I’ve seen, called Le Ciel de Paris (The Sky of Paris, in english). There you have the unique view of the city that only the Tour Montparnasse can give with an amazing food and service.

Before we went there, I looked at TripAdvisor and people said it was expensive and the food was not as good as the price was high, but that the view made going there worth it. So, after seeing some photos, I decided to go. I made a reservation through the restaurant’s website and asked for a table with view to the Tour.

When we got there, we noticed the restaurant’s exclusive elevator was also part of the experience. It had this beautiful decoration that combined with the restaurant’s decoration and was really fast.

When we got inside, it was a huge surprise that they had actually reserved for us a table with view to the Tour (I thought they wouldn’t) and the most amazing view to all Paris. We could see, also, the Musée d’Armée, the Arc de Triomphe, the Ferris Wheel, etc.

I was, also, surprised by the food, because I found it delicious and quite the oposite of what I was expecting. A good amount of food, for a not-so-bad price. The waiter gave us the best recommendations and we loved every single dish.

Rating: 9/10

Tips for those who want to go there

  1. Make reservations a while before going. The restaurant is full almost every day and you may lose the best time and table if you book too close.
  2. The sunset is just amazing from up there. Try to book a time close to it.
  3. Don’t choose the Menu Balcon, it’s too far from the window and people are always passing by.

I hope I have helped you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell me in the comments.


Basic French for Travellers

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Playlist on Youtube with French Songs

I’m not sure if you saw my tweet about it, but I have created a playlist on youtube with the songs and singers I love that sing in french! It helps me a lot to increase my understanding of the language and my knowledge about Paris.

I recommend you Zaz. She’s a singer with an entire album about Paris! It’s just beautifull! I also love her other videos, but this one it’s especial. I’ve put a lot of her songs on the playlist and I entend to put more!

So, click here and enjoy the playlist! (Every time I see a song I like in French, I add it to the playlist)

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Learn French (?)

I’m really considering the possibility of making a series of videos to help you learn french! But I’d like your opinion about it! So, please, comment this post or any of my videos on Youtube if you want and I’ll start recording!

How to learn French!

Since we live in a world where people can’t wait 5 years studying french just to travel to France or to move, it’s really important to think about it! So, I decided to tell you my ways of studying french!

I’m also planning on creating a series of videos to help you learn french! So, please, tell me in the comments if you want them! Also, subscribe to the channel, I make videos about Paris every monday!

Bonne Année!

Happy new year, everyone! That 2016 bring us what we forgot to take in 2015 and that all of ours dreams about Paris realize! Also, that Europe passes through this current situation about the refugies invading every single country and putting people´s lifes in danger…

Bye!!! ´til next year´s post!


How to find a job

I have already explained legal details about working in Paris, but now I’ll tell you how to actually find a job, how to prepare for it and the most searched jobs nowadays.
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Weird French Expressions on youtube

I saw how much you enjoyed the post about weird expressions, so I decided to start using my youtube channel also for Paris videos! Tell me what you think in the comments and, please, if you like the idea, don’t forget to subscribe, like and share the video!

Walking through Paris

There are many ways to move around the city, bus, taxi, metro, but before you know how these work, you should know how the city works! How it is devided in districts (known as Arrondissements) and what’s in which.
I guess I don’t need to explain its importance. So, let’s start!

There are 20 sections in the city, they’re primarily separeted by the Sena and then in other parts. Each one has its own special detail.

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